My name is Tim van Nielen (sounds like vanille (vanilla in dutch), born in 1997, The Netherlands.
A long long time ago....
I always was the kid who drew in his textbooks, dinosaurs, robots, animals all kinds of stuff.
But it all started on the couch, when i was a wee lil lad watching the making of the Lord of the rings.
There i saw two older men drawing to their hearts content in a dusty small office, these two men
were John Howe and Alan Lee and they were giving life to the fantastical world which Tolkien had written.
Scary Monsters, Heroic folk, serene landscapes and grand architecture, everything was drawn.
A world that was first in a book now became real before your eyes.

When i saw how a couple of lines can create a living world, i knew what i wanted to become when i grew up.
I wanted to be just like them, creating worlds out of thin air and i've never stopped drawing since,
but still i have a long way to go.
About me:
As i told you before on this site, i like absurdity, fantasy and all other nonsensical bullshit.
but people describe me as a funny stubborn wannabe viking, drawing cursed images while making weird noises.
Or in other words, i have a interest in history and cultures, love drawing weird stuff,
am a aspiring voice actor and have a hardworking mindset. Next to that, i make people laugh,
which i think, is the most important thing.
Illustrated and animated storytelling | Akv St.Joost Breda | 2018 - now
Media/graphic Design | KW1C 's-Hertogenbosch | 2013-2018 (5yrs)1
Gamedesign and Development | Lab University Lahti (Finland) | Fall 2020

Phoenix Cultuur | Art and Culture center | 2017
De Creatoren | Advertising Company | 2016
X-Ingredient | Branding/ Advertising Company | 2015
John Rabou | Freelance Illustrator | 2014
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