Museum Huis Doorn | The German Emperor

When: 2020 | Second year Akv St.Joost
Title: Die Friedhofszeremonie des kaisers in St.Quentin
For: Museum Huis Doorn | Akv St.Joost
Collab: Tim van den Hoven (music)
A animation about the Self centered and theatral personality of the German emperor during the First World War.
This Animation was in commision for Huis Doorn,
Huis Doorn gave, the ninety second years illustration and animation students from Akv St.Joost, a photograph from a moment in the life of German emperor Wilhelm the second and asked the students to make short story about the photograph.
The top 5 were to be displayed in the museum, for a short period. My animation was placed at number one.
This was the photograph i received:
I was excited when i heard Huis Doorn granted me the first place in the project, unfortunately that was also the moment COVID-19 struck the Netherlands,
so the exhibition wouldn't proceed, luckily as alternative they gave us the option to place fragments of our animation in the trains of the dutch railways.
(I received this from a friend of mine who happened to see it while travelling)
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