This Project is still ongoing
Post Human Park | VR experience
When: 2021 - ongoing
For: NRC, Koninklijke bibliotheek nederland.
Collab: Guido Blok (animal and human models), Michelle van Logten (Dialogue, Textures, Skelleton models), Kyra de Waal (Museum and lab models, Art Director) and me (Director, Scripting, unity, simple models)

What if... Animals evolved in such a way, that the border between animals and humans were no longer obvious.
Imagine, humans are extinct, a millions years later, animals evolved to be just as smart as humans are now (as in real life now).
As humans did around the 1800's discovering fossils of dinosaurs, now the animals are discovering the bones of humans.
How would animals speculate the lifestyle/ appearance/ personalities of humans, only by investigating our bones/ objects and ruins.
In this VR experience you are the minister of animal affairs, you (a dog) are on a inspection trip to a museum,
which also houses a labratorium, the labrotorium invited you to take a look at their newest discovery.
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