In the Fall of 2020 i parttook a minor in Finland
This minor was Game design and Development, together with 2 finnish students,
 we made a VR Horror game. I was the visual artist and storyteller.
Game summary:
In the game, the player is a sailor in a sinking submarine, you dont know why it is sinking, you only hear the crushing depth which will kill you if you dont escape. 
Eventually you learn that the submarine has been infested, infested by some sort of monster. the further you venture into the bowels of the submarine you start to learn this submarine is not just a machine, but perhaps a breathing living thing and that, the monster following you isnt just a monster but one of the parasites leading the submarine into the maws of a even bigger being.
Concept art:
I needed to be clear that the submarine isnt a normal submarine, also it needed to be obvious that the submarine is slowly turning into a more biological enviroment.
Some Models:
A big heart beating in the halls of the submarine
The parasite following you, if you would look at it, it would sink below the water in the hallway.
The trailer
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